and here comes the mental breakdown 

Anonymous asked: "post a selfie"

literally just took this enjoy 

when i have a baby i hope its first words are “see you in the pit mothafucka” and then itll throw up a hang loose and skateboard away

Anonymous asked: "oh my goodness where do I begin with you?!? You're like the bestie I never had seriously I would drag you out of bed at 4 am to smoke a bowl with me and come to mc donalds and just play with your hair and make you come rollerblading with me and knick knocking and everything inbetween cause you're amazing <3"

im in love with you get your ass off anon right now

eagle river, wisconsin. one of the most beautiful places ive ever been

Untitled em We Heart It.

The Story So Far||Tilly’s StageOrlando,FloridaAbbey Boyce Photography

I still get so excited when I see my pictures on my dash


canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing

i hate my job more than i hate kevin jonas and i fucking hate kevin jonas



Real Friends (by Winnie Surya)

He’s a cutie

will you have sex with me? im asking for a friend 

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